Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How  long will it take to refurbish my wheels?
A - Depending on how many wheels you are having refurbished, for a set of 4 wheels if you drop the vehicle over to us the turn around time is around 3 working days 
Q - Can I change the colour of my wheels?
A - Yes! Here at Stealth Alloys we can do a complete colour change of your wheels.
Q - Can I use my car straight away after having my wheels refurbished?
A - Yes! Once you have collected you car you can use it as normal.
Q - Can I have my wheels de-buckled or cracks repaired?
A - Yes, we do de-buckle and repair cracked wheels. 
Q - Can you refurbish diamond cut rims?
A - yes we can refurbish diamond cut alloys
Q - Do I need to book in?
A - Yes, you would need to book an appointment with us. You can do this by either giving us a ring or filling out the enquiry form on the "get a quote page"

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